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Founder, Prisme

Van Trinh


Brand management has been an important part of my daily business. Yuphub has been a great resource.

CEO, neighborING

Josh Mundell


As a start-up owner, I want to know what my customers are saying about my business. Yuphub allows me to gain valuable reviews from my current customers and it also allows them to post online to build my reputation. They are basically creating customer advocates for you.

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Provide contact information and we will request reviews via text message or email signature.

If they don't respond at first we will schedule follow up requests without being a nuisance.


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Customers will choose from your curated list of social media platforms to leave a review on.


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Showcase reviews where potential customers will see them.

Twitter mentions on websites are especially effective.



We will work with your team to ensure we maximize review effectiveness.

  • Work with your team
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  • Reporting

Like having a new team member that is accountable for getting reviews.

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We handle all review requests, follow ups and review showcasing.
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  • Setup Review Landing Page
  • Setup Twitter Tweet Wall
  • Request Reviews
  • Follow up review request
  • Showcase on website

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