A customer review is a spoken, written or recorded account of a customer experience with a product or service.  A customer review is an opinion or evaluation of a product, service, or retailer found by a consumer after using or consuming the product. Online, reviews are most often found on websites, but can also be posted on blogs, websites of retailers, mobile apps, or social media platforms. Customers frequently use reviews to evaluate a product’s quality, value, and ease of use. Reviews can help clarify the product’s pros and cons and simplify the purchasing decision.

A review can be positive or negative, and may be based on personal opinion, whether the product or service met expectations, or was good value for the money. A customer review is a written survey of a customer's experience with and feedback on a company's products or services. It typically takes the form of a rating on a five-point scale, with "5" being the highest ranking.

Reviews serve as a means for customers, users, employees, or the general public to give feedback about a company’s goods or services. There are also business review platforms, such as Yelp, which allow users to review their experiences with other businesses. Businesses use these reviews to help them improve their services or products and solicit feedback about the quality of these goods or services.

A customer review is a review written for a service or good and posted on an online forum, blog, or social networking site. It’s meant to help consumers determine whether they should spend their money on your product or service.

Reviews are a big part of the buying decision process. If a customer reads only about the positive side of your business, he or she might ignore negative reviews or decide to do business with you based on the positive information.

Review Sites

Review sites like Google and Yelp have seen an explosion in influence in generating leads for businesses.  Google's dominance in web search has lead it to be a perfect source for customer looking for a business that can provide a service or product they are looking for.  In addition, to providing information about the business in search or maps it provides user reviews regarding the business.

Yelp has emerged as the go to business directory for restaurants, services, beauty and night life.  Yelp list businesses in your area with reviews from customers that have used the service or product.

Third party review sites like Google, Yelp and Facebook serve both as a means to get customer leads and a reliable source for consumers to get the opinion of others who have used the service.  In studies, consumers find the reviews on third party review sites that as much as 85% of consumers trust them like personal recommendations.

In summary, these reviews are very useful in giving an insight into a product or a service. Reviews are used in several ways: as leads to help customers become aware of businesses and their offerings, help the customer decide on completeing the purchase and to help improve the product or service. They are widely used because they give people an easy way to share their opinion and get the opinion of others prior to purchasing a product or service.