There are 3 essential steps to successfully using reviews for marketing.  

  1. Ask for a review
  2. Get the review
  3. Showcase where others will see the review

Reviews are a gift for both businesses and customers. They allow you to see what other people think of your business. They allow you to refine your businesses based on the feedback you receive. They help you see what you are doing right and wrong, and they can help you have a better business.

In addition, reviews are a form of social proof.  We have all heard that word of mouth referrals are the best way to get new customers. However, the challenges with word of mouth are they have to be brought up in person and they have a short life span. Once the discussion is over the referral may or not be remembered.

Written reviews have the benefits of word of mouth with an indefinite lifespan, written reviews from verified customers have the same effect as in person word of mouth and written reviews are available for when someone is ready to act.

How to Ask for Reviews

The short answer is nicely. Even though customer may be delighted with your service or product, people are busy.  It is helpful to ask in the same manner that you communicate for the service.  If communication was done via text message, send a text message request for a review. If the communication was all done online and via email, email would be the best way to request the review.

How to Get Reviews

The best way to get reviews is twofold.  Have in place where you would like the customer to leave a review and make the process as easy as possible.  

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Having in place where you would like the review is of paramount importance.  For example, if you are requesting reviews on a site that your customer does not use then the customer will most likely not leave a review.  You are asking the customer to create an account and submit a review on a platform they may not frequent.  In addition, other potential customers may not frequent that site either.

It is important to have a presence where your customers read reviews and your potential future customers read reviews.

How to Showcase Reviews

Great, you requested and got a review, now what?  Show them off!

Was the review on a platform like Google where it will be displayed front and center when potential customers search for services like yours.  If so, that is fantastic.  Not only is your review available to millions of potential customers in search it is also available on all devices mobile and desktop.  

Twitter mentions are some of our favorite testimonials.  They are on one of the largest social media platforms in the world and the user may be verifiable. A twitter mention from a Twitter influencer may be priceless.

The challenge with Twitter mentions is that once they pass down the timeline they can be really difficult to find especially if the reviewer tweets frequently.

Placing reviews and testimonials on your website is an excellent way to keep your Twitter mention viewable.  It links back to the original tweet for verification and is an essential part of showcasing your reviews.

After all, what good are reviews if people can’t see them. Reviews on your website are great for customers that have found your business and are at the decision making process on whether to use your service.  

Placing reviews from sites like Google and Twitter along with reviews left on your website are important an important strategy to helping customers complete their purchase.

Solution: yuphub

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  1. Ask for a review
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  2. Get the review
    yuphub provides a public landing page where you can suggest to customers where to leave their review. This is yuphub's review landing page

  3. Showcase where others will see the review
    yuphub provides tools to embed reviews on your website. No programming required. Embed reviews from Google, Twitter and more.

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