The best way to get online reviews with mobile text messages often referred in technical terms as SMS and MMS is to follow our three strategies: ask for reviews, make it easy for the customer to give a review and make it convenient for the customer to leave a review.

What are Mobile Text Message or SMS and MMS Texting

Let's cover the technical jargon commonly used to describe text messaging. SMS stands for Short Message Service and MMS stands for Multimedia Message Service. SMS messages are text only messages with up to 160 characters sent between phones. MMS messages are multimedia messages that contain an attached file like an image, video, pdf or emoji with or without text in the message. If your SMS message exceeds 160 characters it automatically becomes an MMS. T-Mobile has a couple of fun little videos explaining this:

Asking for a Review with Text Messages

Now that we have gotten through the technical part of sending text messages, let's get to why we are here. To get more reviews from our customers.

Text messaging is an effective method to ask customers for reviews. Here are some key points why text messaging is so effective:

  • Accessible: 97% of Americans own a cell phone.
  • Convenient: Sending a text message is less intrusive than phone calls and allows people to check the message at their discretion.
  • Short and to the Point: People are busy. The "to the point" nature of text messages helps improve the chance the the customer will fulfill the request.
  • Easy: Text messages (MMS) make it easy for customers to leave a review. Sending your company logo and link to review site makes it easy for customer to identify the business and give a review.
  • Personalize: Personalized messages helps customers feel valued and encourages them to give a review.
  • Higher open and response rates: Email open rates are about 20% vs 98% open rate for text messages.
  • Timeliness: Most cell phone users will check text messages within 5 minutes of receiving the text.

Tips on How to Ask for a Review via Text Message

  1. Message should clearly identify your business, product or service.
  2. Keep message brief and to the point.
  3. Make sure customer has recently had a successful transaction with your business. Do not text customers that your business has not interacted with in months.
  4. Brief and to the point message should have a clear call to action (CTA) and link to your review link page on yuphub.
  5. Personalize the message, address the customer by name.
  6. Send text message when customer is most likely to be available to respond.
  7. Send a follos-up message a few days later if customer doesn’t respond.

In summary, identify your business clearly make the text short and to the point and include a link to your review link page on yuphub.

Making a Text Message Review Request

Before we give text message templates let's go over the general structure of an SMS or MMS review text message. This way you can customize your message to your brand, tone, business, product and/or service.

  1. Introduction: Start with a friendly greeting.
  2. Appreciation: Express appreciation for their business.
  3. The Ask: Be brief and to the point, while making it easy for them to share their thoughts.
  4. Make it Easy: Provide review site links.
  5. Closing: End message with a thank you and clear call to action.

Text Message Review Request Templates

Keep it short and sweet:

{Customer Name}, thank you using {Business Name}. Your feedback is important to us! Please take a moment to share your thoughts: [Short URL]. Thank you for being a valued customer!

Short and sweet with a little multi-media:

{company logo}
{Customer Name}, thank you using {Business Name}. Your feedback is important to us! Please take a moment to share your thoughts: [Short URL]. Thank you for being a valued customer!
Hi [Customer Name], We hope you enjoyed your recent experience with [Your Business Name]. Your feedback is important to us! Please take a moment to share your thoughts by clicking this link: [Shortened URL]. Thank you for being a valued customer! [Your Business Name]

Yuphub Makes Asking and Getting Reviews Easy and Convenient with SMS Text Messaging

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