Customer reviews and testimonials are important to businesses because customer reviews give the business credibility with potential customers. It is important for a business to build a set of reviews that are easy for potential customers to see and are credible. Here we will discuss three tangible strategies for a business of any size to get online reviews.

This is the first of a 5 article series:

  • Best Way to Get Online Reviews
  • Get Online Reviews with Email (coming soon)
  • Get Online Reviews with SMS Text Messages (coming soon)
  • Get Online Reviews with QR Code (coming soon)
  • Get Online Reviews on Your Website with Forms (coming soon)

3 Strategies for Getting More Online Reviews

  1. Ask your customer for a review
  2. Make giving a review easy for your customer
  3. Make giving a review convenient for your customer

Ask Your Customer for a Review

The first strategy to get online reviews is to ask your customers for a review. Most loyal customers will be happy to leave you an online review. If they haven't done so they may not realize how beneficial a review would be for your business, haven't thought about it or may not realize how easy it is to leave a review.

Ask In Person

If your business deals with customers face to face then ask your customer in person after completing the transaction. Employees can be trained to ask the customer kindly about leaving a review. Using marketing material available can aid business owners and employees ask customers for reviews.

Ask After Positive Interaction

Whether your business is an online business or a physical location, the best time to ask for a review is after positive interaction. After a positive interaction encourage your customer to leave a review.

For example, if your business offers online courses. Once the customer finishes the course or the first part of the course you could kindly remind the customer that if they are enjoying the course a review would be greatly appreciated.

If your business is a restaurant, you could ask the customer after they have completed they're meal. If your business is fast casual dining or fast food ask when giving the customer their meals.

Make it Easy for Your Customer to Give a Review

Another strategy is make it easy for your customer to leave you a review or testimonial. Not all customers have Google or Yelp accounts. While it is important to let the customer know the preferred site to leave the review, we do not want to create any obstacles that would deter a willing customer ready to leave a review to not leave one because of the inconvenience of having to create an account on the platform. Always give your customer an option of review platforms to leave a review and if they do not use 3rd party review platforms like Yelp, give the customer the option to leave a review/testimonial for your website.

Make it Convenient for Your Customer to Give a Review

Asking a customer is a first a great first step. However, we've all been at a business that we really enjoy and they ask for a review but they don't make it convenient. They ask for a review but then we the customer are left to search for the business on Google or Yelp. This is not convenient for me as a customer.

This is when marketing materials to get the customer where they need to be is essential. Don't just ask a customer for a review take them to the exact page they need to be to leave you a review.

Combine Strategies for Getting More Reviews and Testimonials

Each of the the three strategies discussed above work. Each has its pros and cons which make them effective and at the same time not as effective as they could be. In order to get the best results from your efforts in getting more reviews is to combine the three strategies!

That means asking a customer for a review, making it easy for them to leave a review and making it convenient for them. Yuphub provides solutions to combining all three strategies regardless if you're a physical location or online only.

Best Way to Get Reviews is Using Yuphub

Best way to get reviews is our solution that combines all three strategies. Yuphub is the most effective way to ask for reviews, make it easy for customers to give reviews and make it convenient for customers.

Yuphub provides multiple ways to ask for reviews:

  1. QR Code: QR Code can be placed at point of sale, takeout marketing material or menus for your business review link page.
  2. Email: For businesses that have a customer's email address we can email your business review link page.
  3. SMS Text Messages: For businesses that have a customer's mobile number we can text your business review link page.
  4. Forms: Yuphub also provides forms that can be embedding on your site with no coding required.

Yuphub makes giving reviews easy for the customer

Your business will get their own review business page where you select the review platforms you would like to receive reviews on. The customer then has the option to select the platform that works for both your business and for the customer.

Yuphub makes giving reviews convenient for the customer

The business review page provides a single page with links to review sites that take your customer directly to the location they can leave a review.

Yuphub Makes Asking and Getting Reviews Easy and Convenient

Yuphub provides all the tools necessary to combine the three strategies of asking for reviews, making giving reviews convenient and easy for the customer.

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