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This is our Product Hunt journey for yuphub Premium Services documented.

Started: May 24, 2021
Launched: June 11, 2021
Updated Status: June 16, 2021

We organize and document how the launch went and the lessons learned.  

Product Hunt Launch Results

Overall, my experience was great.  I had a mishap with the launch.  I forgot to move the scheduled launch day and the project launched incomplete.  I contacted support and they were nice enough to remove it and let me try again.

Considering I don't have a long history at Product Hunt and I didn't use a well known hunter I'm happy with the results. Yuphub got a nice jump in traffic to the site, increasing awareness and got a great backlink to the site.  Good to know is Product Hunt will leave products on their website up permanently!

As of June 16, 2021 we have not had any conversion from this launch.  However, considering all the other marketing benefits we receive from being on Product Hunt I would say this marketing channel is a success.

Launch Journey

Just Start

  1. Start talking about it.
  2. Explore the Product Hunt Site
  3. Research other resources about Product Hunt and Best Practices for launching

Test Run

I have two other project I launched publicly but not on product hunt.

Mailflagger - Mailgun email tracking and analysis for bloggers, developers and entrepreneurs.

Launched Mailflagger on Product Hunt.  Idea is to walk through the entire process and learn from my experience. Mailflagger Product Hunt Page

Yuphub Product Launch Checklist

Product Hunt Checklist Before Launch

  • [x] Schedule launch ( can schedule up to 7 days in advance )
  • [x] Start Iterating
  • [x] Check youtube channel is setup (will publish on yuphub channel) did not do video for this launch
  • [x] Landing Page Landing Page Design Process Full Service - Reviews Done For You - yuphub
  • [x] Call to action (Schedule Call) (top, pricing and bottom of page)
  • [x] Video for opening (write walk through) (didn't do)
  • [x] Images
  • [x] Opening paragraph
  • [x] Tweeted about day before
  • [x] Make a blog post on your site ( https://yuphub.com/product-hunt-launch-yuphub-services)

Checklist On Launch

  • [x]  Tweet about it day of
  • [x]  Change profile picture with link to product hunt


Here are some of the tweets I did for this launch.  Using yuphub's new tweet wall feature.

Useful Resources

Here is a link to our yuphub notion launch page where we brainstormed, made our checklist and documented along the journey.

Hope this helps anyone getting ready to launch their product on Product Hunt!